• Cannoli plate
  • Fried calamari plate
  • Seafood Salad

Romano Mercato Italiano

About us

It all started over 30 years ago with a "just off the boat" Italian boy who had an American dream. Chef Tony and his family moved to United States in 1986 and immediately started building his career.

With a passion to cook Tony started off by working 3 jobs at once in different Italian restaurants in Chicago. Within 3 years he opened his first pizzeria. In a few short years he became very well known by his most popular food specialties, ARANCINI and PANZEROTTI. He wasn't recognized by just the Italian community, but over half of the Chicago-land area. In 2006 he met his wife Izabela and together they opened Romano's in Franklin Park where he specialized in arancini and panzerotti. When his lease in Franklin Park was ending he had a few decisions to make. Together Tony and Izabela decided that at that time it was in their best interest to open a restaurant in St. Charles, IL. Their favorite city though has always been Las Vegas. Eventually they decided to sell everything and moved to Henderson, Nevada where they are starting their new adventure.

People used to travel out of Chicago to visit him in St. Charles and now they are traveling out of Illinois to visit him in Henderson. Come in today to try authentic Italian specialties.